A Kentucky Work Ready Community certification is a measure of a county’s workforce quality. It is an assurance to business and industry that the community is committed to providing the highly-skilled workforce required in today’s competitive global economy.

There are two levels of certification – counties can apply to be a Kentucky Work Ready Community or a Kentucky Work Ready Community in Progress.

Telling economic developers you have a skilled workforce is one thing, but earning Certified Kentucky Work Ready Community or Kentucky Work Ready Community in Progress status provides tangible evidence that your workers are skilled and the county is committed to keeping them skilled.

Kentucky Work Ready Communities
• Attract new businesses and investment;
• Gain a competitive advantage over other communities;
• Help existing companies grow and add new jobs;
• Recruit creative, talented, and innovative people;
• Revitalize their economies and keep them growing.

Because certification requires collaboration and cooperation among key stakeholders (community college staff, secondary education, economic development professionals, elected and appointed officials, employers, chambers of commerce, school boards, community organizations, and others) communities can also reduce duplication of services and leverage resources to fill gaps and improve quality.

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