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2015 Chamber Membership Survey

Please take a few minutes to help the Chamber identify and deliver services that best meet member needs by completing this survey online at:

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2015 Chamber Membership Application

Ribbon Cuttings for “The Little House Fabric Shop” & “Arrow Vintage”


The Little House Fabric Shop – 1801 Jamestown Road (Hwy. 55 South)  270-384-3366

The Little House Fabric Shop -1801 Jamestown Rd. (Hwy. 55 South) 270-384-3366















                                      ARROW VINTAGE – 312 HURT STREET – 270-250-3778

Arrow Vintage – 312 Hurt Street – 270-250-3778

January Newsletter

Welcome to Chamber Insights – January 2015
The monthly newsletter of the
Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce
201 Burkesville Street, Columbia, Kentucky 42718
(270) 384-6020 / coladair@duo-county.com

President: Brenda Mann
Editor:        Sue Stivers


The Purpose of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance the Business, Cultural, Educational and Civic Well Being of Columbia and Adair County.

“Thought for the Month”

“Look your Best, Do your Best and be your Best.

Because that is life at its Best”



President’s Message
Brenda Mann, President


First, thank you for your support as I serve the Chamber, and its members as the new President. Please join the Chamber Board and staff as we strive to lead the Chamber with a member focus.  Guided by our values of honesty, integrity and respect for each person, we endeavor to develop programs and services that will support growth and prosperity of small businesses and industry, and enhance the quality of life in our community.

I step into this position with appreciation for all the past presidents, officers, Board members, office personnel and Chamber members that have, and continue to serve the community.  Thanks to the outgoing President Brandon Thompson and outgoing Board of Directors members Wendy Burt, Julie Day, Pam Hancock, and Joel Peterson for their service on the Board and to the community.

As we embark on a new year, it is always exciting to start with a clean slate and work with new projects and ideas. We have many new officials, businesses and endeavors in process or in planning in our community.  We appreciate the dedication of individuals and businesses that do the work of our community, and we look back with awesome responsibility and pride of all those individuals and businesses that came before us and accomplished so much.

I am fortunate to work with a talented and diverse group of Chamber Board of Directors that volunteer their time to oversee the operation of the Chamber and implement programs and services to meet the needs of the membership. I want to personally thank both the Board volunteers and their employers for allowing them time away from work to serve the community.

I also thank the many community members and businesses that are Chamber members and support the activities and events in the community.  Thank you, Columbia and Adair businesses for choosing Adair to open your businesses and for offering our community many unique services and products.

The operation and ability to fund the numerous Chamber activities and services would be impossible without the tremendous support from the business community.  The Chamber depends heavily on the support of our community businesses and we are most appreciative of the sacrifices that our businesses make for the betterment of the community.

The 2014 Chamber Corporate Level Member Sponsorships were: Platinum Sponsors – Bank of Columbia, Duo-County Telecom, McDonalds of Columbia, and United Citizens Bank; Gold Sponsors – Community Trust Bank  and First and Farmers Bank; and Silver Sponsors – Don Franklin Motors and Gaddie Shamrock.

Over the past seventy-three years the Columbia-Adair Chamber has carried out relevant programs and activities to meet the needs of its membership and the community.  At the first 2015 Chamber Board of Directors meeting, held January 13, the Chamber Board started the New Year focusing on the 2015 Program of Work and the programs, activities, services and partnerships to achieve the Chambers ongoing mission of providing services, resources and activities to meet the needs of the membership and community. We are working and planning to lead the Chamber in relevant activities, services and partnerships that are important to the Columbia-Adair County Chamber members, businesses and the community.

As we develop Chamber plans for 2015, we are committed to meeting the needs of our members by seeking your input.  Please share your ideas of how the Chamber can better serve you by contacting the Chamber office or contacting any Chamber Board member.  We will also be conducting a brief “Chamber Member/Business Survey” in the near future to gain feedback and input on the programs, services and support requested by members.

Along with your input on activities, we are also asking for membership and community involvement in the Chamber’s work. Increasing membership and community support is an important focus of the Board of Directors work this year.  Every Chamber committee will be seeking to include, involve and partner with other Chamber and community members and agencies to help plan and do the many activities, services and events. The Board wants to draw from the manpower, diversity, expertise, talents, knowledge, experiences, and ideas of the Chamber membership and other talented individuals inside and outside the community.  Collaboration, partnerships and networking outside our small group of Board members will promote increased Chamber member involvement and ownership to achieve a more impactful and thriving organization.

The results of the “Membership/Business Survey” and the goals of City and County Government, economic development, small business and industry, agriculture, tourism, education, health and safety agencies will be used to better serve our membership and community.  Once the “Membership/Business Surveys” are completed, the Chamber’s 2015 Strategic Program of Work will be updated to focus activities, speakers, programs and partnerships to support services requested by Chamber members and businesses, and to effectively partner with community agencies.

During my time as Chamber president, my vision for the Chamber is to form strong unified collaborative partnerships with the Chamber membership and the community.  It takes strong unified partnerships to address our needs and for us to reach our common goals of improving the prosperity and quality of life in our county. We can do some good things and have success as individuals, groups, and agencies, but when we work together toward common goals is when much greater things happen.

As we turn the page to this New Year, I along with the Chamber Board thank you for your support during 2014, and look forward to your participation and support in 2015. We ask that you add one more New Year’s resolution to your list “Get more involved with the Columbia-Adair Chamber of Commerce”.

January is Chamber membership renewal month, if you are not a member, please consider becoming a member of a unified group of community and business members, who are working to support services, resources and activities to meet the needs of the membership and enhance economic growth and the quality of life in Columbia-Adair County. Membership applications are available at the Chamber office at 201 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY 42728, by e-mail at coladair@duo-county.com or by calling 270-384-6020. Please also call, if you are willing to become a partner in Chamber activities or have a service or area of expertise you would like to share with the community.

I along with the Chamber staff and Board of Directors look forward to working with each of you and embrace your willingness to share your expertise and thoughts for the betterment of the Chamber membership and our community. 

Chamber Membership Renewal

It’s time to renew your membership dues, you may do so by mailing in the form that was sent or stop by the Chamber office.

Your Chamber membership is an investment in your community, your business and yourself.  It’s through the chamber and its program of work that we bridge the gap that enables us to reach people, places and organizations that are viable to our success as individuals and as a community.  If you are not a member, please call or visit the Chamber office located at 201 Burkesville Street.  The “Welcome Mat” is out for YOU!!


Welcome New Chamber Members

Mi Tierra Properties, LLC, 318 Monument Square, Jamestown, KY 42629,
Mgr. Kim Byrom   270-866-1250 

The Little House Fabric Shop, 1801 Jamestown Rd. (Hwy. 55 South), Columbia
Owner Kathy Jones   270-384-3366


 Best Donuts, 710 Russell Road, Columbia – Owner Long Hak   270-384-2010


 Roach Law Firm, 101 Campbellsville St., Columbia – Hal Roach   270-380-1792


 Farmer’s Market on the Square, April thru October, 424 Public Square, Columbia
Barbara Armitage   270-250-2979


 Liberty Road General Store & Diner, 5097 Liberty Road, Columbia
Owner, Patty Edwards    270-380-1039 

Caleb Irvin Photo, 609 Rice Drive, Columbia – Owner Caleb Irvin  270-634-2049 

Forget Me Not Florist & Gifts, 808 Jamestown St., Columbia  270-380-1412
Owners, Bill Sarah Steele


 By joining the Chamber, you become a part of an organization that is dedicated to the economic growth and prosperity of Columbia and Adair County.  Your investment in the Chamber means an “investment” in “Your Community”.  This is your Chamber…Your business voice in our community…helping to make Columbia-Adair County “A Great Place to Call Home”.  Remember, what you get out of a membership association is what you put into it.  You are encouraged to get involved today!

Thank You – Bluegrass Cellular and Chad Pearson for being Corporate Sponsor for the January Monthly Meeting.  If your business would like to be a Corporate Sponsor for a monthly chamber meeting, Please contact the chamber office at 270-384-6020


The February Monthly Meeting
February 10, 2015

The Pines at Lindsey Wilson

Speakers will be
 Adair County Judge Executive Mike Stephens


 Peg Schaffer from Sugarfoot Farm Rescue

NOTICES                                                                                                                                                  Adair County Community Health Assessment has been updated and can be found at www.lcdhd.org, click on the resources tab, Health Assessments and Statistics, then scroll down to Adair CHA 2014.

For questions or comments about the assessment you may contact Jelaine Harlow at jelainet.harlow@lcdhd.org

 Farm2Furniture will be relocating to 114 N. Reed Street and will reopen in March.  They can still be contacted at 270-250-4558.

6 ways to secure those new holiday devices

By: Daniel Curry, Bluegrass Information Technologies

The Holidays. A joyous time of year that often leaves people remembering them fondly with new toys, tools and gadgets.   While most business and professional people carry smartphones for business, we often forget they are but tiny micro-computers filled with a density of personal information and identifying data.  These devices should be protected just as diligently as your PC. Maybe more so.

Here are some tips to help secure your data and the mobile devices that data resides on.

1. Backup your data. In the event your phone goes missing from the coffee shop table, is dropped in the water off the curb or is simply missing, if you have a backup of your data not everything is lost.  Personally, I once found a missing phone, three days later and after having replaced it.  The family dog had it in her bed, with other toys.  I was very thankful, at the time for Google being the backup destination for my contacts lists, text messages and even installed applications of that Android based smart phone.

2.  Use a security application.  Just as you do with your computer, secure your smartphone with a firewall and applications that protect your data from breaches.  Most all viruses have been written for the Windows platform instead of the Linux or Apple systems for two reasons. Microsoft owns the largest market share and Microsoft operating systems are known to be insecure, by default.  The Android and iOS platforms are more secure than Windows, but they also hold the largest numbers of the market of smart phones.  It makes sense the viruses and malware for our phones is already here.

3. Examine the permissions applications want on your device.  Considering item 2, above, it will probably be an application installed on your smart phone that will be the entry point for malicious software. And the more access the application wants, the worse the infection can be.  As an example, a recent free game a family member asked me to play with them required access to my contacts list, text messages and call history.  The last thing I wanted was for some game to start blasting my business contacts with unwanted advertising and spam.

4. Avoid using public Wi-Fi. Yes, public WiFi is convenient. And using that instead of your data plan is simply cost effective.  But public WiFi is not secure.  Using an unsecured WiFi network is like having a conversation across the room, loudly.  Everyone can hear it.  Most will tune it out. But it is there none the less.  Some hackers have been known to sit nearby, monitoring that unsecured network just to listen in on what is being shouted across the room … in WiFi signals.

5. Use a PIN, password or pattern lock on your phone or device.  This is like hanging a lock on your gym locker.  It keeps most people out. But those who are most determined … well, they will at least be slowed down. This means that any effort to get into your, physically, will take a moment or two, unless they already know you very well or have gotten your code, some other way.

6. Encryption. Many of us will add extra capacity to our devices, usually through a MicroSD  card.  Many devices will use those cards not only for storing our MP3s but also some of our apps and the temporary files that app creates and uses.  Encryption helps secure the data on those cards by requiring the PIN or password mentioned in item 5 before the data is decrypted and made useful.

Bonus. Turn off Bluetooth when you don’t need it.  This helps with battery life, but it also helps protect your device from being ‘bluejacked’ or any variety of other blue tooth enable attacks.

At Bluegrass Information Technologies, we can help mitigate these risks with our Mobile Device Management service. This is particularly useful to any business that is permitting their employees to use their own mobile devices on the corporate network, also known as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device.  Currently we offer:

Remote Lock, wipe and password reset – This ensures your data remains protected in the event a managed mobile device is lost or stolen.

Device Tracking – In realtime we are able to identify where a managed mobile device is and also what information is on that device.

Automated Provisioning – Configure the mobile devices for e-mail and wireless networks as well as setting security policies for your organization.

In-depth Reporting – Receive insightful status updates on the registered and monitored devices on the network, enabling the ability to better protect your data from theft or loss.

Bluegrass Information Technologies is here to support you and your business needs   Contact us, today, at 270-378-0476 or by email at Daniel@bluegrassinfotech.com to get started with protecting your data, today.